A heroic dog saved a family-of-seven when a blaze ripped through their garage destroying “years of precious memories”.

Clyde, a white Bulldog, started barking just before 3am on Monday morning, waking his owner Sean Corbett.

The father-of-four, who was asleep on the couch at his home in Nicoll Way, Borehamwood, got up and checked the kitchen.

He said: “I got up and all of a sudden heard a banging, popping noise. The kitchen was glowing bright red – I was terrified.

“I went to wake my partner, Charlotte, and grabbed the children who were all sleeping upstairs.

“It was unbelievably terrifying. The fire destroyed every single thing in that garage. I dread to think what would have happened if Clyde had not tried to wake me up.”

The couples eldest sons, Jack, 13, and Tristain, 12, helped carry Daniel, three, Miley, two, and 15-month-old Amelia to safety.

His partner, Charlotte Williams, called the five-year-old dog her “hero” whilst trying to come to terms with the charred remains of her house.

She said: “He saved our lives, he truly is an amazing dog. He has always been very gentle and docile around people and I have never appreciated him more than I do now.”

The family are due to move house next week and boxes of photos, as well as £10,000 worth of electronics such as speakers and a camcorder were being stored in the garage.

Mr Corbett added: “I am the most upset about our lost photos. “Years of precious memories from when Charlotte and I met and when the kids were born were in those boxes and now they are gone.

“I cannot put to words how devastated I am.”

It took firefighters just under an hour to control the blaze, which is currently being investigated.