A cancer charity is urging people to dig out their unwanted clothes and donate them to new their recycling scheme- Bags of Support.

Macmillan Cancer Support will be appearing at people’s doormats across Hertfordshire over the next few weeks asking people to fill bags with their old clothes and leave them outside their houses for Clothes Aid.

Macmillan hopes to raise £100,000 in the first six months of this new project, which is enough to pay for two Macmillan nurses for a year or fund 4,000 nursing hours.

Kerry Briars, fundraising manager said: “Our supporters often ask if they can donate clothes to us as we don’t have a national chain of charity shops.

“So we are really pleased to launch Macmillan’s clothes collections scheme Bags of Support, which gives people an easy, cost-free way to donate to Macmillan.

“By giving clothes, Hertfordshire residents will be helping to change the lives of some of the two million people currently living with cancer in the UK.”

Research shows nearly half of adults put clothing in the bin, meaning an estimated 350,000 tonnes of used clothes goes to landfill in the UK each year.

To find out more, call Macmillan’s Fundraising Support Centre on 0300 1000 200 or email bagsofsupport@macmillan.org.uk.