It can be tough to get children excited about religion – so a pastor is hoping that his Church choir will help restore the faith.

David Jackson, the pastor of St Pauls Lutheran Church in Cranes Way, Borehamwood, says the key to engaging children is to “breathe life” into the teachings.

His wife, Adria, leads a children’s choir every Wednesday after school during term-time, which will be starting up again on Wednesday, September 15.

He said: “It is really great to see how much the children enjoy singing in the choir, and it is especially refreshing to see how it helps get the younger generation excited about religion.

“The kids actually really like singing traditional and serious music as well as the fun songs, which is great.

“The choir also gears them up for festivals such as Good Friday and we hold a musical once a year, which they love being a part of.

“It is a great way to teach them about Christianity.”

Pastor Jackson added that it is important to make the sessions as “vibrant” as possible so that the kids do not get bored.

He also holds a Sunday session which is well attended by children aged two to 14, as well as confirmation classes for teenagers and adults.

He added: “It can be a challenge to inspire children to learn about their religion – but we seem to be doing okay.”

Anyone aged five to 14 is welcome to join the choir, by phoning the church on 0208 953 3308.