Council tax swindlers will be forced to pay back what they owe when a crackdown on people who fiddle their bills is launched in Hertsmere.

Thousands of people living in the borough have had their council tax bill slashed by 25 per cent because they live alone, under the Single Adult Discount (SAD) scheme.

But the council say that only some of the people claiming the benefit are not genuine or have not identified the council to a change in circumstance. 

Hertsmere Borough Council will be tracking down the fraudsters by cross checking data from SAD claimants with information from the credit ratings bureau.

If evidence is found of more than one adult living in a property, the resident will have their benefit removed and will be forced to pay back the money they owe.

Those who fail to do this could face prosecution and be taken to court.

Councillor John Graham, portfolio holder for finance and property, said: “We understand that in some cases, false claims have been made unintentionally.

“We want to work with residents who are genuinely unsure about their council tax obligations.
“Hertsmere residents expect value for money and we are committed to stamping out fraud for the good of everyone in the borough.”