Tenants of a block of flats say they are ‘terrified’ of their own homes because two broken security doors have led to a spate of burglaries and anti social behaviour.

The main front door and the back door of flats in Thirsk Road, Borehamwood, have been broken for the last three years and do not lock. 

Residents say that that a burglary in a flat two weeks ago was the “last straw” and are determined to get the doors fixed, so they can feel safe in their homes again.

But they claim that Affinity Sutton, who own the block, keep “turning a blind eye” to the danger.

A young mother, who asked not to be named, said: “The problem is really bad. I am constantly worrying about it.

“It terrifies the life out of me when I am home alone with my children. I just want this torment to stop.”

The burglary on July 23 saw someone steal cash and jewellery from a property in the block at around midday.

The mother added: “I did not hear a thing, they are very clever and that scared me even more.

“Children used to leave their bikes in the downstairs hallway, but someone once got in and threw them against the window. Everything smashed to pieces.

“I even had a detective at my table on Christmas day because people were causing destructive behaviour.”

Obscene graffiti has been scrawled on the wall inside the block, and the glass pane on the back door has been smashed.

Another man, who also wanted to stay anonymous to protect his family, said the problem is “very distressing.”

“Every time we come home, we are scared stiff in case we have been broken in to. The back door was replaced a while ago, but then it broke again.

“I am scared it might affect our contents insurance. The police and Affinity Sutton keep feeding us empty promises, but nothing is done.

“I just want to start living in peace again.”

The Borehamwood and Elstree Times is awaiting comment from Affinity Sutton and Herts Police.