Six-year-old boys may be among various children who have been subjecting teenagers to racist taunts across Borehamwood.

A 15-year-old boy was walking through Belford Park, off Allerton Road, at around 1pm on August 1 when he was approached by a group of four boys, aged around 11 to 12.

The teenager is said to have been racially abused by the group, before he was punched in the face by a chubby boy in a Nike hoodie, grey jogging bottoms and white NY cap. 

He is around 5ft tall and white.

On the same day, two 15-year-old boys were racially abused by three boys aged around six to eight in Aberford Skate Park, off Aberford Road.

The victims were kicked and punched in the face and were also subjected to racist insults, before fleeing towards Gateshead Road but were followed for a short distance.

The young offenders are described as around 4ft tall. Two had short blond hair, with one wearing a yellow t-shirt, and the third had brown hair.

None of the victims suffered any injuries but police are keen to trace who is responsible for these ‘distressing events’.