A special guest at a summer school for disabled children saw them “beam with delight” on Friday.

Councillor Alan Plancey dropped in to Noah’s Ark playscheme, held at Merryfield School in Theobold Street, on Friday.

The centre provides a fun and games for children aged five to 16 who have disabilities throughout summer.

Cllr Plancey, who serves resident’s on Hertfordshire County Council’s Borehamwood North ward, was “moved and inspired” when playing with 16-year-old Chloe Spencer.

The teenager, who communicates via sign language, showed him how to make play dough shapes.

He said: “It was just heart rendering. Seeing the faces of the kids having a good time and smiling was just incredibly moving.

“Chloe was beaming the whole time we were playing together. You could tell she was having loads of fun.

“It was so nice to get my hands dirty and to see the kids as happy as they were.”

Cllr Plancey also praised the staff members at the volunteer-lead establishment, who give up their summer to provide care for the children.

He added: “I hope to be able to give them a grant in the near future. When you know where your money is going, it is an absolute pleasure to give it.”

Head Play Leader, Alyson Gnessen, said: “It was so nice having Cllr Plancey come to visit, the children absolutely loved it.

“They were just beaming with delight, it was great.”