A living fence for wildlife is being installed at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham.

The manor, which was donated by late Beatle and musician George Harrison, has an access road which would allow for a double hedgerow and trees every 15 metres.

Now that the hedge is established, it is now being laid in a style unique to Hertfordshire by hedge laying champion Donato Cinicolo.

In England there are many different styles of hedge laying and HRH Prince Charles is President of the National Hedge Laying Society.

The hedge is cut near its base and pulled over in one direction. There is a small section of trunk that remains connected to the base. The branches are laid at about 30 degrees for the sap to flow upwards, which overall will create a labyrinth of branches and shoots.

There are also stakes placed along the hedge line with supple branches twisted along the top to form a neat finish as well as a structure to keep the hedge in place.

According to representatives from the manor, a basket weave effect is produced which makes the hedge strong and thick, making it ideal to attract wildlife.