Workers in Hertsmere earn an average of £32 more per week than other people in the East of England, according to new statistics released by the Office for National Statistics.

The figures show that the average gross weekly pay of full-time workers in Hertsmere in 2011 was £560.60 compared to £528.50 in the East of England as a whole.

Hertsmere’s figures compare even more favourably to those of Great Britain as a whole.

Across the country the average gross weekly wage for full-time workers is £503.10.

However, Hertsmere has a higher than average disparity between the wages of men and women.

In this area male workers average gross weekly wage was £648.30 while their female counterparts earned £461.50.

In Great Britain as a whole the figures were £541.70 for men and £446.30 for women.