An abandoned dog with bite marks on his back was found wandering the streets of Borehamwood last week.

Sam, a black collie cross male dog, also had hair loss on his back and legs, a severe ear infection, and nails so overgrown they were going round the pads of his feet.

The “lovely natured” dog, thought to be around ten-years-old, was taken into a vet’s surgery by a dog warden on July 1, but they were forced to put him to sleep.

Nicole Broster, an inspector for RSPCA, said the ear infection left him with “crusty wax” all over his ear running down his face.

She added: “This would have irritated him enormously and through scratching he caused abscesses to develop inside his ear."

The RSPCA is now keen to trace anyone with information about the dog, because the bite marks on his back suggest he may have been kept with other animals.

If anyone has information that could lead to identifying the owner, please call the RSPCA inspector information line on 0300 123 8018.