Shoppers are making the most of slashed prices at Clinton Cards as employees prepare for store closures in Hertfordshire this week.

The greeting card retailer in Theobald Street, Borehamwood will close interminably on Thursday, June 21, following the company going into administration.

Administrators Zolfo Cooper announced it was closing some of the businesses 750 stores across the UK, including Clinton Cards in Watling Street, Radlett which shut up shop on Sunday, June 17.

Five people lost their jobs following the closure in Radlett and another ten will lose theirs in Borehamwood.

Eighty-year-old Jean Kane has lived in Borehamwood for 54 years and has seen many shops come and go.

Speaking outside the store in Theobald Street, she said: “It’s a great shame. But, to be honest although the cards are nice, they are pricey.

“You would pay £4 here, whereas at other stores like the Card Factory you’d get two to three for the same price.”

Sarah Poole, who used to work at Clintons before she became a mum, said: “I think it’s a shame – it’s been around for such a long time, it’s one of those shops which has always been there.

“I’ve been making the most of the sales today – like everyone else. But I wouldn’t say I’ll necessarily miss Clintons. There are plenty of other card shops in Borehamwood.”

The store will close alongside 121 Clinton Cards and Birthdays, its sister company.

Edwin Nelkin, chairman of Hertsmere Chamber of Trade, said: “I’m disappointed that a major brand has vacated a high profile site. It obviously hasn’t been successful.

“We believe it shows there is continuous competition and companies must constantly be double checking their prices and service.

“We feel the closure of their sister shop Birthdays, in Shenley Road, is a contributor to their downfall. Card Factory opened in its place – a major competitor to them.”