A family of fluffy cygnets has mistaken the side of a busy Borehamwood Road for Swan Lake.

The protected animals have set up home yards from hazardous passing cars in Brook Road.

Vic Rowntree, 65, first spotted the mother and father six weeks ago near the lake in Abersford Road before the chicks were born.

He said: “I was fascinated. I watched them make a nest and lay the mother laid her eggs. The mother and father took it in turns to keep them warm, it looked pretty amazing.

“I once sat there for two hours hoping to get a photo of the eggs. I became obsessed with checking their progress, it’s so fascinating.”

The author was left devastated when torrential rain a couple of weeks ago led them to leave their natural home.

But when he spotted them at the end of Brook Road last week, his relief was short lived.

“They are so close to the road and it’s very dangerous. I’m worried because they might accidently step into the road and get run over.

“You aren’t allowed to go anywhere near them because you’ll frighten them. The parents will protect their young and they will attack you.

“I just really hope nothing happens to them and they move away from the edge of the road soon.”