Plans for a new petrol station near Stirling Corner have raised fears of traffic safety at the notorious roundabout.

Concerns have been raised over plans by Morrisons Supermarket to build the new petrol station next to its site in Stirling Way and the impact it will have to traffic around Stirling Corner.

Councillor Clive Butchins, chairman of the transport and road safety forum at Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council, called for a detailed traffic survey to be carried out before any planning decision on allowing Morrisons to build the petrol station is made.

He added: “I have requested that a meeting be set up between the various parties as this will have an important bearing on whether it will be practical and desirable to allow this development next to the existing store.”

Ghayenor Orbell, from Borehamwood, who shops at Morrisons said: “I think Stirling Corner’s is an accident waiting to happen and I don’t like using it.

“I think if a petrol station does go in there then it will make getting out of Stirling Way on to the roundabout even worse, it’ll be horrendous for the traffic.”

Jean Hays, who lives in Arkley Park, said: “The speed that cars go round there is such a huge issue for people and if you’re leaving Stirling Way you’re sometimes taking your life into your own hands.

“There are at least one or two crashes on the roundabout a week, something needs to be done about it.”

Peter Bradley, head of consultation at Transport for London (TfL) said in a letter there is no intention to install traffic lights around Stirling Corner as it would cause significant queuing and that safety could be improved with other measures which are currently underway.

In the same letter he said TfL raised a number of concerns that Hertsmere Borough Council “did not adequately consider traffic flow issues” when it granted approval for the supermarket which some feel has lead to more traffic on the roundabout.

He added TfL requested a revision of the traffic impact analysis by Hertsmere when the application was made in 2010 but it was not carried out.

Polly Harris-Gorf, head of planning at Hertsmere Borough Council, responded to the letter saying: “The application by Morrisons, which was approved by committee, was for external alterations to existing retail units and re-organisation of the car park, and not for a new supermarket.

“The site at Stirling Corner was already a retail park, following a successful planning appeal in the Nineties, and the application was not for a change of use of the site.”

Hertsmere Borough Council also said the date for the new petrol station to go before a committee has been pushed back following a request for more information from Morrisons about the impact the development will have.