AN AMATEUR film maker from Borehamwood has made a documentary about his home town.

Warren Spencer, 37, of The Campions, has spent the past year making two short films about Borehamwood and has just put them on YouTube.

He said: “I wanted to make a film about something I knew a lot about and I was interested in.

“At first it was just a project to practise my skills and learn how to use more modern technology.

“It was only meant to be something simple, but it snowballed and turned into something quiet big.”

Mr Spencer already has experience working in film and TV production, but recently took a break from the industry.

He said: “I had seen other videos online people had made about their home town and I thought could do that, but with a bit more professionalism.”

In his film, Mr Spencer looks at the geography and history of Borehamwood and also talks to people about what they think of the town.

He said: “My main aim with the film is show a fresh side to Borehamwood and for people to maybe take another look.”

He paid for the project himself and it took him almost 12 months to put the whole film together.

He said: “I hope to show it to the council and the Borehamwood museum and show there is another side to the town. I think Borehamwood is a great place in the right position, with a good mix of London and the countryside.”