An MP avoided investigation after the regulator chose not to pursue a complaint into his response to a constituent.

Dr Erin Sanders McDonagh, of Barford Close in the Hendon constituency, reported her MP Matthew Offord to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner after repeatedly getting in touch with him to arrange a meeting, which she said he refused to reply to or supply his surgery opening hours.

However the commission chose not to pursue the case as it falls outside of the commissioner's remit, which deals with a part of the MP's code of conduct, and Dr Offord's office confirmed that she received several replies.

Dr Sanders McDonagh said: "It's incredibly disappointing.

"I can't even get information on where surgeries are held, and the pathetic response from the parliamentary affairs committee seems to excuse this attitude. I shouldn't have to go this far to get an response from my MP."

In response to Dr Sanders McDonagh's complaints, however, Matthew Offord's office said that the reason an appointment was not made was because she refused to specify her reason for wanting to meet her MP and consequently ignored their reply which asked her to clarify this.

A spokesperson said: "Ms Sanders McDonagh received several responses to which she replied but repeatedly refused to advise what the nature of her concern is. Requesting such information is standard procedure for all MPs in order to ensure enough time is allocated to an appointment, that it is held in the most appropriate location and whether any actions can be taken immediately before the meeting.

"Following recent incidents, the police have issued clear guidelines to MPs and their staff about ensuring their personal safety and safe spaces in which to meet constituents. This advice has been followed in this instance.

"The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has made it clear that there is no case here and Dr Offord will continue to make himself available to constituents to discuss their issues in the most appropriate way."