A campaigner has called for opposition to the new Ark Academy application due to what he calls its "intrusive" nature.

Peter Sawyer, of Western Way, Barnet, is campaigning to stop an "intrusive" school building from coming to the former Underhill Stadium site in Barnet, due to what he believes will cause an "unacceptable increase in the already high levels of traffic leading to inevitable congestion and gridlock conditions."

He said: "I have been involved for 15 years in trying to stop intrusive proposals for this site at Underhill, because they would be detrimental to lives of local Barnet residents."

Underhill ward Cllr Paul Edwards, is holding an open meeting regarding this application to give residents, Barnet Council and the team at Ark Academy the opportunity express their views, though he feels there is not the need for a secondary school in this area.

He said: "Many question the need for such a large secondary school, when there is a secondary school only half mile up the road, which is an improving school as can be judged by a 27% increase in its GCSE results this year.

"A report going to next weeks education committee talks about the need for future school places. It confirms there is no need for more primary school or indeed secondary school places in the area of Underhill or High Barnet, but that the future pressure shall be largely on the west of the borough."

A representative from the Ark Academy said: "Ark remain committed to developing a brilliant new school for Barnet and bringing additional high-quality school places into the area.

"In response to local feedback so far, we have significantly reduced the size of Ark Pioneer Academy from 1,890 to 1200 students. We believe this new, smaller size is appropriate to the space and the community’s need for high quality educational places and we look forward to continuing to working with parents, residents and with Barnet council on this important project."

The spokesperson added that Barnet Council has projected a major shortfall of secondary school spaces by 2019-2020, and they are working with the council to come up with transport options which will mean the school does not put too much pressure on the infrastructure.

Cllr Edwards' meeting will take place at 7pm at the Rainbow Centre in Dollis Valley Drive, Barnet on September 18, while the Ark Academy team will also be holding another meeting with residents in October.