The name-change of a care home tried to pay homage to the area but made a mistake after using a council website.

The Celia Johnson Court Care Home in Gregson Court, Borehamwood, was rebranded as the Radley Care Home by new owners B and M Care last month.

The estate for elderly residents was named after the iconic Brief Encounters actress because it stands on the site of the former MGM Studio.

B and M Care stated that they had chosen the new name in reference to the address of the studio, between Potters Lane and Radley Lane.

They found the information on the Hertfordshire County Council-run website, but it turns out that this information is incorrect.

According to maps of the area, the road name was and still is Rowley Lane.

Borehamwood and Elstree historian Paul Welsh, said: “It is just unfortunate that the company’s research did not go beyond one website, albeit an official one.

“It’s not a life threatening issue, it’s just a matter of procedure, but the previous name is what is on our heritage boards.

“The website is full of mistakes, and just looks like most of it was copied and pasted rather than written by someone who knew what they were talking about.

“We have named roads for the last 40 years after film and TV personalities, and it seems a shame if something breaks away from that.”

The webpage on film studios in Borehamwood has several other mistakes, captioning a picture of Neptune Studios in 1912 when it did not open until 1914, and stating Elstree Studio in 1999 instead of 1996.

Marketing Manager for B and M Care Angela Hunt said: “We named it and thought we were keeping the connection to the area.

“The rebranding was done with good intentions to show that we are a new company operating the home.

“What won’t change is the level of care given to our residents.”

Cllr Terry Douris,responsible for education, libraries and localism at Hertfordshire County Council said: “ is a community history website run by local volunteers and hosted by Hertfordshire County Council.

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