Members of the public heckled councillors at a meeting after a campaign group member was refused the chance to speak on a controversial planning application.

On Monday the Aldenham Parish Council met at the Radlett Centre to discuss the proposed development of the Newberries Car Park, in Radlett.

The proposed development of an 80-bedroom Travelodge and a Marks and Spencer food store in the Newberries Car Park has been opposed by the Radlett community since the first application was submitted back in January last year.

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During the meeting Will Grimsey, chairman of the campaign group The Residents Against Newberries Car Park Scheme (TRACKS), asked whether a referendum would be put to Radlett asking whether they wanted the largest development for 50 years to go ahead.

Aldenham Parish Cllr Chris Wilkins replied saying once planning goes in the head of planning at Hertsmere Borough Council Christine Lyons will look at it.

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Judy Weisser, a member of the TRACKS group who also attended the meeting, said: “All attempts to get a definitive answer as to whether the development would go ahead were met with the same answer from Cllr Payne of “ask questions after the next session”.

“The majority of people who had come along tried voice their objections to the development and tried to get answers from members of the Parish Council.”

The secretary of TRACKS Stuart Pole requested he have the agreed five minutes to make a presentation on the development.

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However Cllr Wilkins said: “If this was previously agreed we were not happy. It is not appropriate. We will take questions, not a statement.”

Mr Pole proceeded to give his presentation which included opposing facts and figures of the numbers of Radlett residents were opposed the scheme including 1,700 signatures on a petition.

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Mrs Weisser said: “Many questions were raised about losing car park spaces. Cllr David Lambert stated that there would be a 40 per cent increase in parking and improvement at junctions.

“He also said that the proposed Travelodge hotel is ‘not intended to be a commuter hotel for London and the hotel operators are building on the assumption of rental and spending in Radlett. Radlett is a night time area.’ “Only the restaurants and the Red Lion pub are open at night and are we really expected to believe people will decide to come and stay in Radlett for no other reason than a break and to use the local eateries?

“When Cllr Chris Wilkins was questioned about car parking requirements for hotel staff, he replied that ‘there will be skeleton staff on minimum wages so will they be driving?’”

After long discussion Cllr Wilkins called the meeting to an end at just after 10pm, stating they were now running over time for the hall.

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