More than 1,400 people have signed a petition urging a council to refuse an 80-bedroom hotel and food store application planned to be built in a car park.

The proposed development of an 80-bedroom Travelodge and a Marks and Spencer food store in the Newberries Car Park, in Radlett, has been opposed by the Radlett community since the first application was submitted back in January this year.

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Now an opposing community group The Residents Against the Newberries Car Park Scheme (TRACKS) has had more than 1,400 signatures against the development including some of the Hertsmere Borough Councillors.

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Bill Grimsey, chairman of TRACKS, said: "Local authorities throughout the UK are turning into municipal mercenaries in order to bridge the shortfall in funding from central government often regardless of local opinion.

"Hertsmere Borough Council is ignoring the views of Radlett residents and pushing on with this development regardless. We are delighted that Cllr Michelle Vince has joined TRACKS to stop this development."

Councillor Morris Bright, leader of Hertsmere Borough Council, said: “At our recent consultation events held at the Radlett Centre, which more than 400 people attended, the project team provided an overview of the proposals. 

"They explained why we consider this scheme will be beneficial for Radlett, reinvigorating a car park area that is currently underused and in need of improvement.   

“We have made it clear that this scheme would partly be about deriving income from a council-owned asset to benefit the whole of Hertsmere and helping to protect the services we deliver. 

"But we also believe firmly that the development would draw real benefits for Radlett in terms of improved car parking provision, an increased retail choice and an economic boost for the area.

“We are making considerable efforts to brief local residents and interested parties about the proposals and to listen to their views and feedback.”

The current position is that the project team is continuing to work on a planning application for the scheme, making amendments to it where appropriate to incorporate comments and suggestions into the final design.