A larger than life singer has been ‘blown away’ by public support after winning a television show.

Steve Dorsett, whose agent is based at Elstree Studios, has won the last three of the four episodes of show The Singer Takes It All, presented by Alan Carr.

Contestants are voted onto the show at Elstree Studios via a mobile app, and then compete on a moving platform while voters select whether the performance is a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss’.

In an interview before last night’s live final, Steve was waiting for the nerves to kick in despite his background in musical theatre, He said: “I’m used to performing to a couple of thousand people, but here you have the cameras running around and you know that millions of people are watching at home.”

Mr Dorsett has had overwhelming support from fans during his appearances on the show, receiving 97 per cent of the 15 million votes cast.

Fans also started a chant of ‘Steve, Steve, Steve’, along with bringing in banners of support.

Speaking to the Borehamwood Times, he said: “When Alan said how many votes were cast I couldn’t believe it. My brain just couldn’t take it in. That the public wanted to vote for me again and again is lovely.”

Agency APM Associates say they didn’t know that he had signed up for the show but the 35-year-old, who can also fire breathe and juggle, said they had been incredibly supportive.

Taking to Twitter after the live final, he thanked his fans for their support: “Cheers guys, 3 for 3. I don't know what to say, I'm blown away! Thank you all so much, you've changed my life.”

He added: “25 people made it onto those 4 shows and every single one of them was incredible, talented and supportive. I love you all.”

As the show has now finished, he is now looking to the future – adding: “I hope I get a panto out of this!”