A family have "completely lost confidence" in their energy company after suffering from their third gas leak in one month.

Ovo Energy, based in Bristol, has been criticised for poor workmanship after a Borehamwood family suffered three gas leaks in just one month.

The leaks started at the end of July, shortly after the energy company insisted the family have new electricity and gas meters installed, and despite the family’s objections.

Leanne Gardiner, of Stapleton Road, noticed the first leak on July 28 after the new meters were fitted and immediately called Ovo to get the problem fixed.

After being told to open all windows and doors, turn off the mains and to take the children outside ‘just in case’, the engineer arrived to tell the family he was only able to turn off the gas supply and could not fix the problem.

The family were then forced to spend the next two days without gas as engineer after engineer visited the property, only to discover they were unable to do anything to mend the leaking pipes.

A number of days and phone calls later, the leak had been repaired and Mrs Gardiner was sent a bunch of flowers for the inconvenience.

But then after only two weeks, another gas leak began on August 14 with a third following shortly afterwards on August 21.

She said: “I have completely lost confidence in anyone they send to us to fix this problem, as they’re clearly not doing their job properly. Leaving us with a gas leak once is an accident, twice has got to be incompetence.

“I don’t think we should still be waiting all day and left without gas for this long. They should somehow get someone to us to help as soon as possible, as it could be dangerous.”

The family has now requested compensation after Mrs Gardiner was forced to take 12 hours off work to wait for engineers, along with being reimbursed for the excess gas used due to there being a leak.

Justin Haines, customer services director at Ovo Energy, said: “We understand that Ms Gardiner has had problems with her gas supply after one of our contractors fitted her home with a smart meter.

“We take any issue involving the safety of our customers extremely seriously and will always do our very best to respond promptly and effectively to help. It seems in this case that the service Ms Gardiner received fell short of those standards and we are very sorry for that.

“The issue has now been fully resolved and we are conducting an investigation both internally and with our contractor to see what could and should have been done better.”