A survey of businesspeople has suggested workers are hardest hit when companies fall victim to crime.

In early feedback from a survey of firms in Hertfordshire, almost a third of people surveyed said that the greatest impact of crime against their businesses was on the people working in the business and on staff morale.

Hertfordshire police and crime commissioner David Lloyd launched the questionnaire at the end of July to find out more about the needs and experiences of businesses in relation to crime.

Mr Lloyd said: “We cannot underestimate the impact business crime can have on individuals – it is not a victimless crime as the survey is already showing.

“If you run a business of any size, from a large corporation to a sole trader, please help to protect the economic wellbeing, livelihoods and prosperity of people living across the county by taking part in this survey.

“Even if your business has never been targeted for crime, your views are essential to help shape the strategy and help put resources and expertise where they are needed most.”

Among the survey's other findings, more than 90 per cent of respondents felt police had treated them fairly and with respect, while just over 40 per cent said they would be interested in working with organisations such as the police to combat business crimes.

The survey is available on line at www.hertscommissioner.org