Thousands of homes and businesses should benefit from faster internet speeds.

The £18.06 million partnership Connected Counties, made up of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire county councils and BT, says it will make faster internet available to more than 90 per cent of homes and businesses by March 2016.

The Hertfordshire part of the programme was granted £1.1 million by the Government as part of its national 'Superfast Britain’ scheme, and Hertfordshire County Council has matched the contribution.

More than 60,000 homes and businesses in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire will receive superfast broadband through the programme.

Cllr Andrew Stevenson, Hertfordshire’s deputy cabinet member for enterprise, education and skills, said: “It is excellent that Hertfordshire has been able to benefit from the Government’s nationwide rollout of superfast broadband, which has helped to underpin Hertfordshire's infrastructure and connectivity.

"Having superfast broadband is important for both families and businesses. For families, having faster speeds means members can all use the internet at the same time, whether they are steaming films or TV shows, using it to stay in touch with others or using for leisure activities such as playing games online.

“Commerce in the county will also benefit from Connected Counties – the first businesses at Maylands Business Parks in Hemel Hempstead are already able to access superfast broadband as part of the scheme, and a rollout at Centennial Park in Elstree is underway.”