A thief returned stolen signs to a car sales company after having a change of heart..

Harringtons Car Sales, in London Road, Shenley, had several signs stolen from the tops of cars on July 29.

The garage's owner Peter Harrington believes a drinker from the White Horse pub crossed the road at around 11.42pm and loaded a number of the signs into a car.

The signs, which detailed car warranties and specifications, cost around £20 to £50 each - with the total cost amounting to around £200.

Mr Harrington put up posters around the town about the theft, with a CCTV image taken at the time.

Eight days later, the signs were returned.

CCTV shows a woman in a BMW pulling into the forecourt at around 6.30am on Wednesday and returning all the signs.

Mr Harrington said he had initially put the posters up as a “bit of a joke” but was pleased to have the signs returned.

He added: “I’m sure they were only messing around at first, but I can’t understand why they’d take them away. They are worth quite a bit, about £50 for the ones on the car roof.

“Somebody had asked me about it, so I’ve now put up new posters to let everyone know we’ve got them back.”