Speed limits around a ‘death-trap’ roundabout will be cut later this year after a public consultation.

Earlier this year, TfL ran a consultation on whether to reduce the speed limit to 50mph on the approach to the Stirling Corner roundabout between Rowley Lane and Courtland Avenue.

Excessive speeds have been blamed for a number of serious accidents on the stretch of road, with shoppers claiming it makes it very difficult for them to get to the Morrisons store, in Stirling Way, because of the speeding traffic.

Following a consultation run from February to March, the transport company has now announced that the speed limit is to be reduced later this year.

Alan Bristow, director of road space management at TfL, said: “Following a public consultation earlier this year, we will be reducing the speed limit along the A1 Barnet Bypass between the junction of Rowley Lane and Courtland Avenue from 70mph to 50mph later this summer. This change is consistent with other speed limits in the area and will reduce speed-related collisions along this section of road.”

Greater London Authority member Andrew Dismore has been campaigning to make the road safer and said he was pleased with the announcement.

He said: “This is something I have campaigned for for a long time, so this is very welcome news. There are only a handful of junctions and roundabouts in the TfL area that are more than 50mph so it’s good that this has finally been brought into line with many others.

“We just need to make sure the traffic lights at Stirling Corner are made permanent, as this can only improve safety.”

The traffic lights were switched on full-time as part of a trial period in March last year, but residents were later asked to give TfL their views on the lights becoming a permanent fixture in a consultation last May.

Sue Alford, who has also campaigned for the speed reduction and permanent traffic lights at the roundabout, said: “There are many important ingredients for making Stirling Corner a safer place, and this is one of them. But this is the absolute bare minimum and there is much more to be done.

“We just want safer crossings, permanent traffic lights and a safe exit into Morrisons and Stirling Way. We are not asking for anything much, just the standards you see on most other roundabouts.”

The results of the consultation are not yet known.

Darren Johnson, Green Party member in the London Assembly, added his support to the speed limit reduction. He said: “The Metropolitan Police fully supports this move and its officers have highlighted narrow lane width, the loss-of-control risk posed by the central reservation curb and the lack of a hard shoulder in case of emergencies as key reasons for cutting the speed limit.

“Reducing the speed limit by just 1mph leads to four per cent fewer collisions as drivers have more time to identify what is happening around them and take action.

“I welcome this sensible measure and have written to TfL bosses to urge them to look into similar changes across London to make our roads safer for all.”

The new reduced speed limit will come into force later this summer, although an exact date is not yet known.