A racist football yob who abused three people at a Chelsea vs Arsenal Premier League fixture last season was left facing a court bill of more than £300.

Tree surgeon Matthew Semken, 26, of Thornbury Gardens, Borehamwood, directed his abuse towards Arsenal players, supporters and another fan leaving the stadium with him at the final whistle after the home team's 6-0 victory.

He pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates Court today to three counts of racially-aggravated threatening behaviour at Stamford Bridge on March 22.

Prosecutor Victoria Ojo told the court all three victims were fellow-supporters and the first was Osman Durrani, who witnessed Semken shouting: “You useless c****,” towards the Arsenal players.

“The defendant then directed abuse towards him, saying: 'Go back to Turkey'.”

Another fan, Abid Durrani, urged Semken to calm down as he aimed abuse towards the Arsenal supporters, but this was met with: “Shut you're f***ing mouth, you f***ing Turk.”

As Semken left the Shed end of the stadium he was heard shouting: “w*****, c***” towards an unknown fan and Peter Essekj jumped in between them to calm things down.

Miss Ojo said he then directed abuse towards Mr Essekj who he called “a black c***” and who he said should go back to Africa.

The court heard Semken was nervous about appearing in court and was concerned about the outcome of the case.

District Judge Kenneth Grant said the most serious offence was the one involving Mr Essekj.

He fined Semken £150 for that offence, plus £60 for each of the other two, with £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

There was no application for compensation or a football banning order.