Selfless schoolgirls pushed themselves out of their comfort zone when they organised a series of events to raise money for a special needs charity.

Lucy Grant, Sophie Horne, Ella Klein and Poppy Tay started their summer holidays with a visit to Kisharon Adult Day Centre, in Parson Street, Hendon, where they handed over four iPads.

The 12-year-olds, pupils at Yavneh College, in Borehamwood, jointly raised £1,600 through bake sales and washing cars as part of Kisharon’s iConnect programme.

The programme asks girls and boys celebrating their Bat or Bar Mitzvah to organise challenges to help support the charity.

Poppy decided to take part in January and started by selling bracelets – and months later, her friends decided they also wanted to get involved.

Their visit to the Hendon centre saw them take part in arts and crafts session, where they helped the adult members to make cards.

Poppy’s mother, Michelle Taylor, said: “Seeing how excited people with learning difficulties were to receive the iPads has shown the girls what this year has been all about.

“They have pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone to learn about a world away from their school and social life.

“The girls now have a real understanding of what Kisharon does and will continue to tell other people about the impact they make.”

Kisharon volunteer co-ordinator Lara Domjan said: “Now the girls have made a connection with Kisharon we hope this will be the start of a long relationship and that they will continue to support us. They have been brilliant.”