Plans for housebuilding along the Elstree Way Corridor have now been submitted.

An independent examination into proposals for the future development of homes in Borehamwood will soon be under way following the submission of Hertsmere Borough’s Council's Elstree Way Corridor area action plan.

The land designated in the Elstree Way Corridor runs along Elstree Way up to the Tesco roundabout.

Hertsmere’s area action plan has been created to help guide future development.

The council believes at least 800 new homes are needed to meet the needs of the borough.

Councillor Harvey Cohen, who is responsible for planning and localism, said: “The action plan is very important as it will help us control where new development goes and what it is. This will help ensure we are not forced to accept inappropriate developments and that developers also provide the necessary infrastructure as part of their schemes.”

The action plan has followed two rounds of public consultation, with more than 150 people responding to the most recent round in March.

The council is now waiting for further information from the programme officer about the timetable for public hearings.

Cllr Cohen added: “I’ve lived in Borehamwood for more than 20 years and care passionately about the area and how it develops in the future, so will be interested to hear the outcomes from the independent inspection and public hearings.

"The process is now down to the planning inspector, who will contact local residents regarding their participation at the public hearings, likely to be in the autumn. The council has also been writing letters this week to those who responded to the initial submission document letting them know about the next steps."

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