Schools are being asked to sign up and start their count-down to a childrens charity event.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is holding its Number Day again to encourage and celebrate learning through maths while raising money to stop abuse and bullying.

Number Day helps primary and secondary school teachers deliver interactive maths lessons alongside fundraising activities, with games such as Be the Boss and updated versions of Who Wants to be a Mathionnaire?.

Pupils of all ages and abilities can participate - whether their strength is mastering multiplications or showcasing their creative side with Dress up for Digits.

NSPCC head of schools fundraising Catherine Hudson said: “Number Day is a great way for children to engage with maths and support a good cause whilst having fun. This year we are excited to be introducing some new Oxford University Press activities, starting from early years through to Key Stage 4 so why not sign up today.”

The event will take place on December 5, but schools are being asked to start signing up on the Number Day website now in preparation for the big event.

Schools that sign up will be able to download a number of maths resources from the website, which can be used to create fun activities for the event and as part of the curriculum.