Museum trustees will receive training after approaching councillors for funding.

Trustees of the Elstree and Borehamwood Museum, in 96 Shenley Road, will now receive legal training after receiving £150 from councillors.

The funding came from the Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme (WIIS) which provides each councillor in the borough with funds to grant to local projects.

Trustees will now be trained to have a clearer understanding of their responsibilities and will learn about some of the legal issues connected with their roles.

Chairman of trustees Cynthia Barker said: "The councillors agreed that training the trustees, some of whom are new in role, would create a strong board and enable us to sustain the museum's future, enriching the culture of the local area.

"The manager and volunteers are so committed and are doing well, so we also want to maintain the professionalism and sustainability of the trustee board. We are delighted that the councillors were so supportive."

The trustees of the museum approached Councillor Clive Butchins from Brookmeadow ward and councillors Sandra Parnell and Farida Turner from Hillside ward for the funding, who each allocated £50 to the museum. 

Cllr Butchins said: "The museum does a fantastic job and is a real community hub. At the moment it has a fantastic exhibition celebrating 100 years of film and television which is proving a great success. I'm sure the training that we have funded will help the museum continue to go from strength to strength."