The number of parking spaces that developers have to provide for new housing developments is to increase following a council policy review.

Hertsmere Borough Council has revised its car parking standards supplementary planning document, which sets out the council’s off-street parking guidelines for new developments.

The new policy comes into effect today, following a consultation process.

It has been revised to help address concerns that not enough parking was being provided at some new developments in the borough.

Parking standards in Hertsmere have previously been based on the number of bedrooms per property, but some bedrooms were being described as studies and gyms - meaning developers could meet parking standards by showing a reduced number of bedrooms in each property.

Councillor Harvey Cohen, who is responsible for planning and localism, said: “We know parking can be an issue for our existing and new residents when new developments are built so these revisions aim to ensure we are doing all we can to ensure there is adequate provision."