Streets lights across the town are being left turned on during the middle of the day, despite county council attempts to cut costs.

A number of ‘faulty’ street lights have been reported to Hertfordshire County Council after being left on throughout the day in spite of their night-time switch-off policy.

Reports have been made across the town, including in Graveley Avenue, Cleveland Crescent and Berkeley Close - with a number of roads in Radlett also being affected.

Adrian Monks, who reported several streetlights near his home on June 20, said: “I reported this issue about a month ago but have now been told the cases are being closed off because they couldn’t find the fault. It’s been going on for about six weeks or so, with the lights on at all hours during the daytime, so it seems obvious to me that there is something wrong.”

According to the council, there is a fault with equipment used in the lights that was sourced by a previous contractor and is in the process of being resolved.

A county council spokesman said: “Our contractor Ringway is responsible for the maintenance of street lights and works to keep street lights on traffic routes free from fault. To help achieve this, they employ operational teams who patrol these roads during both day and night to identify faulty street lights.

"We are aware that some street lights are on during the day. We are working with our previous contractor to identify the cause of the fault and to find the most efficient way to resolve this.”

In 2011, Hertfordshire County Council started turning street lights off at night on many streets as part of cost-savings scheme.

Around 70 per cent of the county's street lights are on for only part of the night, meaning that most are switched on from dusk to around midnight and, during the winter, in the morning rush hour.

The 'night-time switch-off' is currently thought to be saving around £1.3 million a year.

To report any faulty lights, visit the council website