A review of empty properties is to be carried out across Hertsmere.

Hertsmere Borough Council started the review of empty homes across the borough for which council tax is being paid.

In support of the Government’s initiative to tackle the shortfall in housing nationally, the review aims to determine if the properties remain empty or have recently become occupied.

Councillor John Graham, who is responsible for finance and property, said: “We have a duty to maintain accurate records for council tax in order to ensure that allowances, discounts or relief are claimed correctly. By getting more empty homes back into use, the council receives a new homes bonus from central government, helping us to maximise revenue and maintain services at a time when budgets are severely squeezed.”

Letters are being sent to around 250 property owners, providing details of how property owners can update the council on the current status of their property online.

These will be followed up by visits to properties if no response is received.

Further information can be obtained by contacting CapacityGRID on 0845 241 9565 or by visiting the website.