The Borehamwood Times has been seeing double after being sent a unique family photo.

Janet Hampson and twin sister Gillian Evans were brought up in Woodhall Farm by their mother and father, who was a local farmer.

But the pair weren’t the only set of twins to grace the family as Mrs Hampson’s daughter Rebbeca also had twin girls, Danielle and Suzzanah.

Her other child, son Ross and daughter-in-law Dionne, then further added to the family after having triplets Teddy, Alfie and Alice aged 12.

Dionne Hampson, who now lives in Harpenden but grew up in Borehamwood, contacted the Borehamwood Times after the family attended Suzzanah’s wedding.

She said: “I just think it's a very unique photo to see two twins and a set of triplets in one family photo. Janet and her sister have lived in the area all of their lives and they’re so pleased to be able to show off her lively twin and triplet grand children with these photos.”