A visit from a German band has been called the “highlight" of this year’s Elstree and Borehamwood Civic Festival.

Rammersweier Musikverein arrived in Borehamwood on Thursday and have since attended a number of events along with putting on a concert as part of the town festival.

The concert, which was organised by Borehamwood and Elstree’s Twin Town Association (BETTA), featured music from the movies as well as a number of traditional German songs.

BETTA chairman Martine Eni said: "We received them well with the support of the town council and all volunteers of Betta. Our friends from Rotary and St Teresa helped as well and we raised money for charities and our local theatre in the process. I would like to highlight that all three events were fully booked, which is no small achievement when so many events are packed in the festival times.

"The music group has given us an absolutely amazing concert and playing pieces which were completely unexpected for a brass band our local brass band will take this introduction to forward their relations in the future."

More than £200 was raised from the concert, which will be donated to MENCAP.

The group, from the twin town of Offenburg, also had a tour of Borehamwood’s film history, along with joining the Elstree and Borehamwood Museum’s history walk.

Vice-chairman Andrew Grady said: “The concert was, for all those who attended, memorable, and will be an event that I will certainly recall for a life time, and was certainly a highlight of this year’s festival. This was just basically town twinning at its best.

“The community within the town welcomed them with open arms, and we in BETTA are grateful for the support of some local community groups, such as The Elstree & Borehamwood Rotary Club; Hertsmere Acoustic Club, The Combined Catholic Churches of St Teresa’s & St John Fisher, Borehamwood Brass, along with numerous volunteers who assisted the association in welcoming these visitors this weekend.”