Parking fees and permit prices will increase this summer.

Hertsmere Borough Council says the new charges, which will come into effect from August 3, have been raised following a reduction in grants from the Government.

Although Hertsmere Borough Council has been able to freeze a rise in council tax, it has had to increase charges elsewhere.

Councillor Jean Heywood, who is responsible for transport and environment, said: “Like all local authorities across the country we’ve had to make some tough decisions about services in light of the ongoing pressures on our resources. Here in Hertsmere residents have helped us make these decisions through special surveys.”

The surveys, held in 2010 and 2013, allowed local people to give their opinion on what services they want to protect and what services they don’t mind paying extra for.

Parking on-street will remain free for the first 30 minutes with a 50p charge for up to an hour, an increase of 30p.

Parking in council-run car parks for an hour will be increased from 50p to 70p, while parking for up to two hours has been increased from £1 to £1.50.

In Radlett, the first hour will remain free thanks to Aldenham Parish Council, while the price of additional hours will be altered in line with other car parks in the borough.

First annual residential permits will increase to £25, from £15, with an increase of £10 also applying to the second, third and fourth annual residential permits.

Annual visitor permits will increase to £40.

Councillor Heywood added: “Although we understand some residents will not be happy with the increases, we hope people will continue to appreciate the first half hour of on street parking outside shops will remain free.

“In addition, our current charges are low in comparison with neighbouring local authorities and do not currently allow us to be self-financing, as recommended by the government. We feel the charges are still at a reasonable rate and are still much cheaper than surrounding areas.”