Anxious traders and neighbours “live in fear of juggernauts” at a stretch of road that they claim needs better safety measures.

The flyover over the A1 at Rowley Lane, which is on the boundary of Barnet and Borehamwood, is widely used by children and dog walkers alike.

However, overgrown shrubbery blocks the pathway, which ends halfway down, forcing people to walk in the road and dodge traffic.

To help mitigate the dangers, Garry Hall, of Paddock Lane, Barnet, cuts down the overgrown weeds himself.

He said: “There’s no question about it, it’s atrocious. It’s impossible to walk down here freely and you run the risk of getting killed.

 “What's the point of a footpath that ends halfway down too? People have to move into the road. It's madness.

“Something needs to be done before it’s too late.”

The cut-through is regularly used by children walking to the London Maccabi Brady Centre, in Rowley Lane.

Pupils at Saffron Green School, just a stone’s throw away from the centre in Nicoll Way, also have PE lessons there – but have to be taken by car to avoid danger.

Maccabi manager Marta Ghermandi said: “I shudder when I think of the older children walking this way.

“We have to take the children from Saffron Green by car even though it’s just a two minute walk, because the risks are too great.”

There is doubt over whether the land is owned by Barnet Borough Council or Hertfordshire County Council.

Around 30 people attended a meeting on Thursday, where representatives from both Hertfordshire and Barnet agreed to look into the issues.

They are also calling on the “extortionate” 60mph speed limit to be reduced to 20mph or 30mph and clearer signs warning people to slow down.

Ivan Norman, who owns the A1 Golf Driving Range in Rowley Lane, said: “It’s a very precarious area. Motorists need to be aware about the risks as the safety of children is of paramount importance.

“Lowering the speed limit would certainly help that.”

Kim Hall, who walks uses the footbridge to get to the field opposite with her dog, added: “Juggernauts come bombing down. They show now care. My son’s a teenager and I often live in fear of letting him use the road.

“If they don’t do something soon somebody will get killed.”

Others feel a speed camera would deter motorists from speeding and there are also talks of a crossing further down the road at Newark Green, away from the main traffic.

Laura Vann, who attended the meeting with her husband, Richard, said: “They show no care or courtesy when coming down the road. It’s a nightmare trying to walk across it.”

A statement from Hertfordshire County Council, which is part of Borehamwood, said: “There is a small section of footway, about 30m long, on the south west side of the junction which is affected by overgrowing vegetation.

“This issue has now been logged with our contractors, Ringway and work will be carried out to address this issue.”

A statement from Barnet Borough Council said: “A productive meeting was held between Barnet and Hertfordshire County Council officers along with interested residents, where a number of possible road safety improvements were identified.

"Barnet Council is happy to work with residents and neighbouring authorities to address issues in the area. The safety of residents is of the upmost priority for all concerned.”