Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has backed the county’s police community support officers and has asked its police force to go ahead with recruitment.

Over the next few months, Hertfordshire Constabulary aims to recruit around 80 new PCSOs.

Commissioner David Lloyd said: “I believe that Hertfordshire’s PCSOs do a superb job. They are the first port of call for people who are experiencing problems with anti-social behaviour or non-serious crime, or those who just want some friendly police advice.

“Our PCSOs are out and about every day in every neighbourhood across the county – their faces are well-known and they are trusted in their communities. I’ve met a lot of PCSOs and they all tell me it’s a great job with immense satisfaction. They feel they are really making a difference to communities and people’s lives.”

If you are interesting in becoming a PCSO, visit Herts Police Careers.