Residents have had enough as their road is being "taken over" by motorists allegedly abusing the parking permit system.

The influx of parked cars has angered Drayton Road residents who now cannot park outside their own home.

Geoff Newton contacted the Borehamwood Times after the situation began to cause huge tensions among neighbours.

He claims that residents of Shenley Road, who are allocated F Zone permits, are parking their cars outside properties on his road and that some are now being provided with incorrect parking permits for Zone B, which can be used in Drayton Road.

Mr Newton explained that he only has a small car but finding somewhere to park can still be stressful- particularly in the evenings.

He said: “It has never got to the point where we’ve not been able to park our car somewhere on the road, even if it’s at the other end, but it’ll be only a matter of months before that changes.

“It’s been such a problem in the road that it has begun affecting the relationships between neighbours. People have already started to argue - all over parking permits and spaces.”

Pauline Poole, who has lived in Drayton Road since 1983, recently had to call the police after she felt she was being threatened after confronting someone about parking on the road.

She said: “People are abusing the system- they won’t walk a little further and they won’t pay. But then they park outside my house and get angry when I tell them to move on.”

Mr Newton added: “It’s going to end in violence, I’m sure of it. This is the second incident in six months where it has come close to it and the police have had to be called. It’s crackers, but it’s making me consider moving somewhere else.”

The road previously had a problem with commuters parking in the area before getting a train into London, but Mr Newton said these have now all been reported and dealt with well.

He has now made a number of complaints about these further problems to Hertsmere Borough Council, who said they will be looked into as part of the Controlled Parking Zone reviews being carried out.

Councillor Jean Heywood, portfolio holder for environment and transport, said: “A CPZ is introduced to ensure local residents have the opportunity to park their vehicles close to their homes and not to be affected by commuter parking. All residents and their visitors have equal opportunities for parking in the area and no guarantee can be given that anyone will be able to park directly outside their home.

“Residents of Shenley Road are issued with an F Zone permit entitling them to park in the nearest side road to where they live as they are unable to park on Shenley Road itself.”