A “talented” nine-year-old boy has been recognised for a “golden moment” in a South East of England football tournament.

Soames Haldankar, of the Crosspath in Radlett, plays in right midfield for London Colney Colts under nines and was crowned the “golden moment” player of the competition.

Stuart Pierce, English football manager and former player, presented Soames with a golden football, which he had signed.

The judges said they awarded the title for when Soames had received the ball on the right wing, cut in and then scored in the bottom left hand corner, which they said most people would describe as a "dream goal".

The “golden moment” was chosen from all 30 of the separate under-nine games at the tournament, involving more than 60 players in the six teams entered.

London Colnet Colts will now travel to the University of Warwick Football Centre in early July for an invitation only Finale, to compete against all tournament winners from across the country.