A vacant office building will be demolished to make way for new homes in Borehamwood.

Hertsmere Borough Council has lifted planning restrictions that meant land in Studio Way could only be used for offices, studios or light industry.

The New Horizon building, in Studio Way, used to hold a number of offices but will now be demolished to make way for a new housing development.

Director of environment Glen Wooldrige said: “We have lifted the restrictions on the land at this site so that it can be put to good use in providing much-needed homes for the area. In addition, 80 per cent of the money that we will receive will be allocated to providing social housing which will be of great benefit to the area.”

London-based Orbit Architects designed the new “sustainable and contemporary” residential development that will replace the New Horizon building, which has been empty for a number of years.

The development of 130 new homes on the land was approved in July 2013 and will include 96 apartments in three five-storey blocks and 34 town houses.

It will also include 158 parking spaces and 104 cycle spaces.

Many residents expressed their views in The Borehamwood Times comments section.

One reader said: “So we have thousands on the housing register but another new development being built for buyers. I know that a small percentage will be set aside for Affinity Sutton, but a lot of the flats will be bought by investors who will rent them out to local people at exorbitant rents. Plus, where will the school places come from?

“More thought needs to be put into how Borehamwood's services will cope with such an increase in population.”

Antony Gee, of Deacons Hill Road, added: “130 more homes...how many more cars on our streets that are already in such a poor state of disrepair?”

Hertsmere Borough Council has already faced criticism for the increase in housing developments in Borehamwood due to the Elstree Way Corridor plans, which would involve the development of at least 800 new homes.

Residents have stated they are concerned that local infrastructure would not be able to support further housing developments and an influx of new residents.