A woman who has led a carers charity supporting Hertfordshire carers for 19 years will be stepping down next month.

Sue Reeve , Carers in Hertfordshire’s Chief Executive, is retiring at the end of June.

The charity was formed in 1995 to ensure carers from Hertfordshire were given the support they needed.

Mrs Reeve said: “We have lobbied for more rights but in the tangled world of health and social care too many continue to miss out. The biggest challenge remains to make it easier for carers to get the support they need.

“It has been a privilege and great joy to work with carers; the cause is in my blood. However, the time is right for the charity and for me personally to make a change.”

Sue’s successor, Michele Stokes, will be taking over the role on Monday, June 2 for a month’s handover period before Mrs Reeve retires on June 27.