A family have been left heartbroken after their two cats went missing within weeks of each other.

Alison, who lives near Porters Park in Shenley, said she thought it was suspicious for both pets to go missing within three weeks of each other.

Bella, 10, is a small tortoiseshell with a weepy eye and went missing on Saturday, April 19, and Maddie, 11, is black with white patches and has a small chunk out of one of her ear. She was last seen on Saturday, May 10.

Both were last seen in Shenley and neither cats have collars.

She added: “We are devastated our two much loved cats have gone missing within weeks of each other. The children have grown up with Bella and Molly and are beside themselves.

“They really are much loved pets and we just want them back.”

Alison asks that everyone in the area checks their sheds and garages, and call her on 07714 202799 if they have any information.