Drumming prodigy Jackson Shoob showed his proficiency with the sticks when he passed one of the toughest exams.

The impressive 12-year-old started playing the drums just four years ago but has since become one of the only people in the country his age to get to such a high level.

Jackson, who goes to Yavneh College, in Hillside Avenue, Borehamwood, took up the drums after his parents suggested he learn something new.

He said: “My parents both played instruments when they were younger and they wanted me to learn something too. Lots of my friends at school already played the guitar but I wanted to do something different so I picked the drums because I knew it would be a lot of fun.

“I really enjoy playing. It has been difficult at times, especially learning grade seven, but I’ve never wanted to give up.”

The avid Biffy Clyro fan says he is unsure about what he’ll do once he has completed all his exams but is looking forward to the future.

He added: “I want to start to learn some more popular pieces when I’ve finished, and maybe I’ll start a band with some friends from school.”

After passing his grade 7 exam, Jackson now has more than 100 UCAS points to his name, which will help his chances of getting into university when he turns 18.

Gareth Siggins, of Drayton Road, Borehamwood, has been Jackson’s tutor since he first took up the instrument in 2010 and says it normally takes about seven years to achieve the highest grades.

He said: “I was just getting into music when I was 12, but here’s Jackson already at this incredible level. There are a lot of people who give up by about grade five but he’s really tough. It’s absolutely amazing for him to get to this level at his age. It is difficult to explain how impressive this is, but it really is almost unheard of.”

Siggins, who is also the drums and percussion teacher at Jackson’s college, added: “I’m really pleased for him and just want the town to know about his amazing achievements. He’s such a star but has stayed so modest and shy about his talents.

The drummer has already started preparing for his grade eight exam, the highest level you can achieve, and hopes to have passed by the end of year.