Pedestrians and drivers have been warned to be careful when crossing from Borehamwood towards Barnet.

Complaints have been raised about overgrown hedgerows on the pavement across the Rowley Lane Bridge over the A1.

Walkers often use the bridge to go to the Old Elliot Sports Ground in Rowley Lane, along with Dino Golf and Rowley Lane golf course.

Lorries and other vehicles exiting the A1 often come across the bridge at speed, with many clipping the verges.

Councillor Pat Strack said: “I urge all using the bridge, pedestrians and drivers, to take extra care at this time. A local business man, Garry Hall, has alerted me to this dangerous spot specifically as someone has been killed there.”

Rowley Lane Bridge and the surrounding area are owned by and are the responsibility of Barnet Council.

Cllr Strack, borough councillor for Kenilworth, is pursuing the matter with their highways department: “Barnet Council have been making some improvements in that area already and a ditch has been dug to take the water away from the width restriction. I have asked Barnet Council as a matter of urgency that the hedges and undergrowth be cut back to make the pavement accessible to pedestrians again.

“This is definitely a health and safety issue and I hope for a swift resolution.”