Radlett has taken its first steps towards producing a ‘neighbourhood plan’.

The initial formal steps have been made to produce a ‘neighbourhood plan’ for Radlett which is aimed at giving the community more power to shape development in their area.

Aldenham Parish Council submitted their application for a neighbourhood area boundary for Radlett in October last year, which was approved by Hertsmere Borough Council last month.

The neighbourhood area boundary will include the urban area of Radlett along with a surrounding belt of land, and will allow Aldenham Parish Council to draw up a plan guiding development in the area.

Mark Silverman, policy and transport manager for Hertsmere Borough Council said: "Neighbourhood planning is a new concept under the Localism Act aimed at ensuring local communities can have a significant say and involvement in local planning.

"The plans must be taken into account by the council when decisions are made about development. Now that the first step of designating the boundary has been agreed by the council, the Parish Council can begin drafting the plan itself."

Under the Localism Act 2011, community groups such as parish councils now have the powers to create these neighbourhood plans.

Neighbourhood plans will establish planning policies for development in designated areas, including what the new sites should look like along with where and what type of new community facilities are needed.

Plans must follow national planning policy and will need to be approved by local referendum.