A community hall has been given a new “lease of life” after a charity over its running.

Farriers Hall, in Farriers Way, Borehamwood, is now run by Community Action Hertsmere TakePart & Timebank co-ordinators Keely Allanson and Emma Bloomfield.

The centre, owned by Affinity Sutton, was being used by residents but did not have any activities for families.

But Emma and Keely have since organised a family Halloween event attended by more than 250 people and a Christmas lunch for more than 60 older residents.

It now also offers a range of regular leisure activities, coffee drop-ins, 'fellas fitness' sessions, formal and informal training and parenting classes.

More recently, the Live Well project to help older people to remain independent and play an active role in their communities was launched in the hall.

Keely said: “It’s totally changed - last year only bingo and a church group ran here. But now it’s thriving, it’s a really lively group.

“It’s been given a whole new lease of life, it’s totally turned around. Loads of families come in and the community are getting involved, to have their say about what they want to see here.”

The hall will host a range of events in the run up to Easter, including arts and crafts, bingo, fitness sessions and a fun day between 10am and 4pm on Monday.

For more information, telephone Emma on 07565 533874, Keely on 07565 537552 or visit www.communityactionhertsmere.org