An insurance company is mucking in for a disabled riding charity.

Employees at Cardif Pinnacle took a day out to volunteer at Penniwells Riding Centre for the Disabled in Edgwarebury Lane on Friday.

The team grabbed spades and shears to clear fences of bushes and weeds.

Trix Summerfield, who manages Penniwells, said she was "absolutely delighted’"with the efforts the Cardif Pinnacle volunteers.

She said: “They cleared a large part of the perimeter fence where the hedgerow had grown up and was stopping the electric fence from working.

“Everyone said they enjoyed the day and even the sun shone.”

Cardif Pinnacle staff will be taking two days off a year to volunteer at charities, as part of a new company policy to help volunteers.

Penniwells is the chosen charity for 2013 of the company in Elstree Way.

Since June it has already raised just under £2,000 with a variety of staff events including dress down days, a raffle and a quiz night.

Cardif Pinnacle York-Sea market analyst Liu was one of the first staff to volunteer. 

She said: “It was hard work but really worth while, we could see the difference we were making which was so satisfying. 

“Penniwells relies completely on volunteers for this type of work and they were so grateful to us. 

"It might seem that we contributed in a small way but to them it made a huge difference.

“I think it's great that our company encourages us to give something back to the community.”