THE INFLUX of the socially deprived into Clacton has created a “toxic mix” and been partially blamed for a rise in robberies in north Essex.

The numbers have fallen in other parts of the county but are up in Colchester and Clacton.

Betwen April and June this year there were 15 people robbed in Colchester, compared with eight last year.

In Clacton there were 35, up from 15 during the same period last year.

Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh said: “The change in the social dynamic in the area is a concern."

He said a seasonal rise in crime was expected and he is working to see how much of the rise is down to this or longer term changes.

He said: “If it is a result of migration and if Clacton needs more resources we will put them in.

“There have been 148 offences in 12 months or one every two days but only a small number have involved knives.”

He also praised the work and arrests made in the area in the past fortnight.

Police and crime commissioner Nick Alston added: “I am concerned about what has been happening with crime in Clacton.”

He said from his first day in the role he has been speaking with Tendring Council and others about the difficulties.

He said: “There is a toxic mix with multiple occupancy, alcohol and people choosing or being placed there, unscrupulous landlords and there are real issues.

“Undeniably it is having an impact on these crimes, in particular street crime.

“We need a tough response but the police cannot do it on their own.”

The comments followed a report from the Centre for Social Justice which revealed a high number of people on benefits moving to Clacton was creating high levels of deprivation.