A Christmas tree trader was forced to leave his pitch this month over claims he did not have the right license.

Aaron McDonagh moved his festive trees and caravan onto the slip road outside Morrisons, near Stirling Corner roundabout, which is owned by Transport for London (TfL).

But despite Mr McDonagh claiming he did have a license to trade there, the transport agency said it had not issued authorisation and gave him an enforcement notice.

A wife who spent 27 years caring for her disabled husband faced losing her home after her son’s death resulted in cuts to her housing benefit.

Maggie and John Enright, of Aycliffe road, Borehamwood, were faced with having to move to a smaller house after their son, Sean, who also lived with them, died.

Housing benefit changes meant couples claiming financial support to live in social housing will only be allowed to live in a one-bedroom house.

But the couple, who were determined to stay together, claimed they needed a two-bedroom house to allow Mr Enright a better night’s sleep.

In one of the month's most popular stories on our website, diner Rick Bronks was aghast to find a screw in his chunk of beef when at the Toby Carvery, in Studio Way, Borehamwood.

It took the company five months to issue the Eaton Way resident with a £75 voucher by way of compensation.

Passengers were also left furious over the “unreliable” 107 bus from Barnet to Borehamwood.

The erratic service often terminated before the final stop during rush hour, meaning many college students and teachers were constantly late for lessons.

A boy who spent the year in hospital battling cancer was hailed a “superhero” by his proud parents Paul and Hana Bond.

Josh Bond, who was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma last February, was finally released from Great Ormond Street Hospital after spending ten months having chemotherapy.

His father Paul, a musician in 1980s band Red Box, re-recorded the band's song Blue to raise cash for the hospital that saved his son's life.

Mr Bond, of Green Street, Borehamwood, said: “We hope we can finally say Josh 1, Cancer 0.”